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Thanks for taking the time to check my website. I'm Shane Klesh and I am the founder of Klesh Guitars. I enjoy everything this profession brings. Hiking the woods searching for tonewoods, talking guitars with the bands i grew up listening to, and creating quality handmade instruments that will be around longer than myself and probably everyone reading this... What really interests me in guitar making is that it is an obscure and challenging trade that can only be mastered through experience by those who have a good natural sense of music, art and science.

I started by entering the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix, AZ. When I graduated R-V, I was selected from my class to apprentice for one year at a very large company in Boston building custom guitars for major label artists in a very special seven man guitar shop. Each luthier in the shop were among the elite in the business, coming from the Gibson custom and pro shops, the ESP guitar research school in Japan, and a violin luthier from the best school in Boston.

Master luthier and guitar tech Chris "Lumpy" Hofschneider came to the shop in Boston one day on a job and we made friends. Chris works with Michael Tobias at MTD basses in Woostock NY and through good words from Chris, Michael hired me as an apprentice for a year, an apprenticeship that turned into a full time gig. After working a few years at MTD I moved back to my hometown of Hazleton, PA to settle down with a permanent luthier shop. I named the new shop "Centerline Luthiery" and it is where all Klesh Guitars are being made.

The Klesh Guitars Custom Shop is in West Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Each instrument is completely handmade by me using only top quality materials with no shortcuts. There are no production lines. Every detail in each guitar is personally handled and carefully inspected.

I appreciate your interest in my guitars.

Shane Klesh